Warriors Defense Steps Up, Kerr Confident the Team Will “Improve Quite A bit” As Season Progresses

Steve Kerr enjoys coaching his guys despite the defensive inconsistencies the Warriors have been struggling with to begin the regular season.

After the Warriors 108-101 loss to the Clippers on Wednesday night, Kerr expressed his confidence that the team is far from reaching their peak.

” I love our guys. They are great great guys. They’re competing like crazy, they’re absorbing things, they’re getting better everyday, and it’s fun to see them every morning when I come into the gym. This is a really good group and we’re going to improve quite a bit over the course of the season.

Well, he has a point. Each game the Warriors have shown improvement. Against the Clippers, it was their effort on the defensive side of the ball. The Clippers struggled to find an offensive rhythm and gave up a season high 19 turnovers. In fact, each of the Warriors starters recorded at least one steal in the game for the first time this season. It seems like the Warriors are finally learning how to utilize their size defensively. Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre may not be producing much offensively, but defensively, they’re wreaking havoc on opposing offenses. Pressuring the ball, forcing tough shots, closing passing lanes, you name it.

At the beginning of the season, the Warriors goal was to become a top 10 defensive team. Not only because they have the size and length on the team to do so, but also because they have to be if they want to be competitive against contending teams. Tonight they did that. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the winning result.

The Warriors are still trying to figure out what their identity is on both sides of the ball. They know the type of team they want to be, but now it’s about figuring out how to get there with this roster. As the season goes on and chemistry is built, I completely expect the Warriors to improve as a team and learn how to close out tight games. For now, the Warriors will just have to live with the growing pains, and Steve Kerr is fully aware of it.

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