2 Keys to A Warriors Victory Against The Lakers

The Golden State Warriors will be put to the ultimate test when they face the defending NBA champion Lakers on Monday night. So far this season, the Lakers have hit the ground running with an 11-3 record, and once again, look like clear cut favorites to repeat in 2021.

Here are 3 keys to a Warriors victory against the Lakers.

Limit Turnovers

Over the last three games, the Warriors have averaged 16.7 turnovers per game. Which is much more than Steve Kerr would like to see from his team. If the Warriors want to emerge victorious against the defending champs, they must take care of the ball to maximize their offensive possessions. The Lakers are a good defensive team that is anchored by Anthony Davis. In fact, the Lakers lead the entire league in defensive rating (1.011). If the Warriors want to complete the upset, they must find a way to limit Davis’s impact on that side of the floor and limit careless turnovers.

Prioritize Transition Defense

Lebron James and Anthony Davis is one of the most lethal tandems in the league. Especially in transition. The Lakers currently average 20.6 transition points per game on 56% shooting. With that being noted, the Warriors success tonight will largely depend on their ability to get back defensively. Locate the ball. And of course, stop the ball carrier. Although that task is easier said than done, I believe the Warriors can accomplish that goal through communication on defense, and understanding defensive assignments. Forcing the Lakers into their half-court offense is the best chance at victory.

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