Klay Thompson Struggled Watching Warriors Blowout Loss Against The Nets

It has been exactly 20 months since Klay Thompson last suited up for live NBA action and not being able to share the court with his teammates is taking it’s toll on him.

To make matters worse, Kevin Durant made his return to the Bay Area after missing all of last season, and completely dominated his former team as Klay watched helplessly from the Warriors bench. The Nets beat the Warriors for the second time this season, sweeping the season series.

Footage inside the stadium caught some of Klay’s reactions throughout the game, and let’s just say, he wasn’t happy.

Klay Thompson wasn’t happy with the Warriors play against the Nets, but you could say that about anyone residing in the Bay Area. Golden State failed to execute against one of the top contenders in the NBA. Especially on the offensive side of the ball. Every starter not named Stephen Curry shot a combined 13-for-43 from the field, and struggled to keep the game close when Curry was off the floor. That’s not mentioning the Warriors shot 26% from the field from deep, an area where Klay Thompson’s expertise was desperately needed.

The Warriors won’t be expecting Klay Thompson until next season, but the bright side is his Achilles tendon rehab is on track and he is out of his walking boot. Thompson is the ultimate competitor, champion, and hooper. He knows what he brings to the table, and that is what makes this process so frustrating.

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