Draymond Praises Curry’s Patience and Growth In Game 2

Even at the age of 34, Stephen Curry still proves he’s a student of the game, even in his 13th season, according to running-mate Draymond Green.

” He didn’t come out guns blazing like he did in game 1… He just allowed the game to come him. I think maybe for the first six or seven minutes of the game, I don’t think he had a point… He didn’t chase after anything, he made the right play.

As Green pointed out on his podcast The Draymond Green Show, Steph’s mentality shifted from game 1 to 2. Instead of hunting for shot attempts, Steph let the game come to him. He was prepared for the Celtics to blitz him after his scorching start in game 1. The two-time MVP appeared calm, relaxed and collected as the Celtics jumped to an early 13-5 lead and responded with 8 quick points to close the opening quarter. Curry ended the 1st quarter with 10 points after only scoring 2 points in the first eight minutes and finished the game with 29 points.

Draymond Green emphasizes the importance of Steph’s growth over the years.

” In that situation (being down 0-1) you’re really chasing after it. That was huge for him to let the game come to him. Just like a season vet does. I know everyone is like ‘ah man Steph Curry’s growth’ like it’s never too late to grow. It is never to late to grow. Actrually, to take that a step further, in this game once you stop growing, you are done… “

Steph was hunting Al Horford off the pick and roll throughout the game, but he did not settle for the step-back three. Instead, Steph used those opportunities to create space for Kevon Looney in the paint, knowing the Celtics would overplay him anytime he attacked the teeth of the defense. Those plays showcased Steph’s growth in terms of decision-making throughout his 12-year career. Although Steph is an apparent mismatch for Al Horford offensively, he didn’t settle. Instead, he used his mismatch to the team’s advantage and put the Celtics in a precarious position defensively.

The Celtics were the top-rated defense throughout the regular season and postseason. Their athleticism, length, collective defensive IQ, and ability to switch on screens present issues for the Warriors. If the Warriors want to avoid playing a game 7 back at Chase Center, Steph will have to take what the defense gives him and restrain from playing hero ball. Much like he did in game 2.

The series is tied 1-1, with game 3 scheduled to tip-off on Wednesday night in Boston at 6pm pacific time.

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