The Warriors Next Draft Pick Affects Draymond Green The Most

As of right now, nobody has a clue what the Warriors desires are regarding the #2 overall pick. Bob Myers has expressed interest in trading the pick, but nothing appears to be imminent at this point. Lets assume the Warriors keep the pick. Who does it affect the most? It’s Draymond Green.

We know Draymond Green effects the game in a variety of ways. He’s the floor general of the defense, he guards multiple positions, and runs the offense in transition. With that being said, the best way to fully maximize Green’s effectiveness on the court is to surround him with scoring and floor runners.

Steve Kerr likes to offset his starters minutes. Meaning, he likes to keep at least one starter on the floor at all times. This means whoever the Warriors elect to draft will likely get a ton of run on the court with Green. Therefore, that may influence Myers picking a player based on roster fit, opposed to drafting the best available player.

Warriors legend Rick Barry described what he expects from Green next season during his interview on the Plus Minus Podcast.

“It depends on who they get. I like him in the role he was in when KD was here… When KD came in, I said Draymond needs to do this. He needs to continue to play tough individual defense, rebound, and facilitate. If you need Draymond to score 20 points, your’e in trouble”.

The Hall of Famer has a point, the Warriors should be looking to draft a player whose skill-set meshes well with Green’s. They need a guy that can score the basketball with ease, someone who will find open gaps in transition, and a player who will shoot the ball with confidence. But most importantly, they need somebody Green can trust offensively.

Drafting a player with those attributes will enable Green to focus on being the defender and playmaker he has always been. It would simplify his role, and it would give the Warriors second unit the scoring punch they need to contend.

Scoring threats like Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman would bold well for Golden State. Edwards has showcased his ability to score on all 3-levels of the court. Wiseman is great at running the floor in transition and would become a true lob threat with Green pushing the pace.

We don’t know who the Warriors covet in this draft, but bringing in a player that will maximize Green’s influence on the court should be at the forefront of Bob Myers plans.

What Golden State’s Options Are Regarding the #2 Overall Pick

There has been a ton of speculation circling around the NBA about what the Warriors will do with the 2nd overall pick in the 2020 draft. Will they package it in a trade or will they make a selection? Only Bob Myers can answer that question.

What we do know is the Warriors have valuable assets that could land them another star player. Not only do they have the 2nd overall pick, but they also have a talented young core, star studded talent; and Minnesota’s protected 1st round pick in 2021. This gives the Warriors options. Lots of options.

Here are some of those options.

1. Stay Put

Bob Myers is in a unique situation because he already has a talented team. He doesn’t need to draft the next face of the franchise, or a guy who averages 20 PPG. However, he does need to draft a player that can contribute heavy minutes off the bench, provide additional scoring, and can lead the second unit when Steph and Klay are resting.

2. Trade Back For Roster Depth

If Bob Myers wants to focus on roster depth then trading back in the draft wouldn’t be a bad idea. Especially if Myers isn’t 100% sold on anyone at the top of the draft board. The Warriors need to address their bench. Trading the 2nd overall pick could rectify that need. For example, the Warriors could send the #2 overall pick to Sacramento in exchange for Marvin Bagley and the 12th overall pick. This would give Golden State more front-court depth, more young talent, and of course, another scoring threat. It also leaves the Warriors a 1st round pick, which could be used to draft a back-up point guard.

3. Package Pick in Blockbuster Trade

Names like Joel Embiid, Bradley Beal, and Giannis Antetokounpo have been mentioned as potential trade targets. The Warriors have a high draft pick in this years draft, a top-3 protected 1st rounder in 2021 from Minnesota. Additionally, the Warriors have young talent in Eric Pashcall and Jordan Poole that would draw interest in trade discussions.

It’s unclear whether or not Philadelphia is willing to deal Embiid, if Washington wants to pair Beal with John Wall, or if Antetokounpo will demand a trade this off-season.

We won’t have the answers to those questions until the season has concluded and free agency dates have been set. But it’s fun to speculate.

Bob Myers Wishes NBA GM’S Would “Cultivate” Closer Relationships

Bonds among coaching staffs and bonds among players form all the time within the NBA. According to Bob Myers, GM’s have a tougher time forming those relationships.

The Warriors president of basketball operations gave his insight on ESPN’s “The Woj Pod”.

“As an agent 10 years ago I had many more conversations with GM’s and got to know them better than I have on this side. A lot of my relationships were formed and strengthened from the agent side.”

” Coaches compete, players compete, and they still have this kind of bond. GM’s have a harder time with that. We don’t have a GM’s association like coaches and players. We don’t have a way of connecting outside of competing”.

Bob Myers is a firm believer in forming relationships. He has been doing it since his days as a player’s agent. Creating a non-competitive environment for GM’s so they can openly communicate would allow GM’s around the league to build those relationships. Firstly, it would form better dialogue between teams. Secondly, it would make trade discussions much more productive. Thirdly, it would give the GM’s a platform to cultivate bonds that will last beyond competitive discussions.

Myers admits that he “regrets” GM’s around the league are not closer. The best bonds are formed when you share unique qualities. I think it is safe to assume that assembling a professional roster is pretty unique.

Myers hopes that one day GM’s around the league will come together to create a family and fraternity type of atmosphere.

Looney’s Health Update Provides Good News For Warriors Second Unit

Kevon Looney is officially 100% after completing core muscle surgury in late May, according to his agent Todd Ramasar. He also noted that Looney isn’t going “all out” due to the teams extended offseason.

” It’s one of those things where, because of this long runway that we have of an offseason for at least the Warriors and Kevon, there’s no need to push it.”

– Todd Ramasar

Looney appeared in just 20 games for the Warriors last season. The 24 year old signed a 3-year extension. In back to back seasons, the Milwaukee naive showcased his ability to protect the paint, create extra possessions on the offense glass, and defend perimeter guards.

His presence in the Warriors lineup will play crucial role to the Warriors future success. His length, basketball IQ, experience, high motor, and leadership is what the Warriors front-court was missing.

The Warriors will probably have Looney play within the second unit. That has always been his role in the past; I can’t imagine Steve Kerr abandoning what has made Looney successful to this point. Why should he? His strategy is to create the most talented second unit possible, and Looney provides that.

The Warriors lacked size last season. Looney’s return not only makes the Warriors a deeper team; but it also gives Kerr the ability to minimize how much Draymond Green plays the center position.

Looney is a situational player who can do a lot of different things on both sides of the ball. He understands his role and knows what he needs to do for the team to be successful. Looney is a player that Steve Kerr can depend on in critical moments. The Warriors quest of getting back to the top will be partially dependent on his health next season.

A Couple of Reasons Why Marquese Chriss Should Start Next Season

The Warriors plan to rejuvenate the career of Marquese Chriss has been beneficial for both parties. Chriss proved last season that he belongs in the NBA, and the Dubs may have found themselves a starting center for the future.

The Phoenix Suns drafted Chriss 8th overall in the 2016 NBA draft. Expectations for Chriss were high, but the 23 year-old with a ton of upside quickly found himself bouncing around the league. The Warriors took a chance, and Chriss didn’t disappoint. He quickly turned his non-guaranteed into a two-way deal, and may have earned himself a starting role next season.

Golden State appears to be the perfect fit for Chriss. Kerr’s system allowed him to run the floor freely, be active on the boards, catch lobs, and protect the paint. His athleticism allows him to be effective on both ends of the floor. With the Warriors, Chriss was able to spark the teams offense with his ability to block shots, run the floor, and crash the offensive glass.

There are high expectations for the Warriors next season. Klay Thompson will be fully healthy, the young guns will have a year in the league under their belt, and the team will have a top-5 pick in the draft. James Wiseman’s name has been circling around the rumor mill as a potential candidate to take over the starting spot in Golden State. However, some believe Chriss may have earned the trust of Bob Myers and Steve Kerr.

Here’s a couple of reasons why Golden State should commit to Chriss entering next season.

1. They Know Exactly What Chriss Brings to the Table

The Warriors are in win now mode. They need a center that can make an impact early. Chriss has played within the Warriors system, understands the teams concepts, and knows his role. The Warriors play best when they have an athletic and explosive center. He averaged 9.3 PPG, 6.2 REBS, 1.9 AST, and 1.1 BLKS last season. Chriss exploded in the last 15 games, he averaged 13.7 PPG, 8.6 REBS, 2.5 AST, and 1.6 BLKS before the league was shut down.

2. The Warriors Could Use Another Guard

The Warriors will want to add another guard to the line-up before the season begins. Kerr likes to stagger his minutes between Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to draft a guard like Anthony Edwards, LaMelo Ball, or Killian Hayes. Firstly, the move would offer the Warriors additional scoring off the bench. Secondly, it would pair Klay with a ball handler when he plays with the second unit. And most importantly, it would set the Warriors up for the future beyond the Splash Brother’s era.

Marquese Chriss has tremendous upside, he’s on a team-friendly deal, and is only 23 years old. The Warriors can set themselves up for the future if they play their cards right.

Two Players The Warriors Cannot Afford to Pass Up On in 2020 Draft

The NBA has officially released plans to resume the NBA season. The plan involves 22 teams finishing out the season in Orlando. however, the Warriors will not be one of them. The off-season has arrived and now Bob Myers has tough decisions to make.

The Warriors ended the season with the leagues worst record. (15-50) That guarantee’s them a top-5 pick in this years NBA draft. They can elect to draft an all-star caliber player for the future. On the other hand, the pick could also used to trade for a veteran player who can impact immediately.

However, if I am Bob Myers there are 2 players you cannot afford to let slip away.

Anthony Edwards G/Georgia

Drafting Anthony Edwards would give the Warriors size, athletisim, and strength at the guard position. His 6’9 wingspan makes him disruptive on the defensive side of the ball. Additionally, his size and soft touch around the rim gives him an advantage against smaller guards offensively. Edwards could fill the void that the Warriors thought Jordan Poole would fill last year. A pure scoring threat that can come off the bench and balance out the second unit.

James Wiseman C/Memphis

James Wiseman is still an intriguing prospect despite his short stint in the NCAA. At 7’1 Wiseman has the tools to make an immediate impact at the NBA level. His size, strength, and explosiveness allows him to be effective on both ends of the floor. He is a tremendous floor runner in transition. In addition, he utilizes his size effectively on defense. In 3 games at Memphis he showcased his natural shot blocking ability that should translate well in the NBA. The Warriors lack size on their roster. Marquese Chriss played tremendous at center in Steve Kerr’s small ball line up last season, however, the Warriors are still lacking a true center.

The draft lottery will happen in late August. Also, the NBA draft will take place in October. That will give the Warriors the time they need to make a decision.

Is The Warriors Season Over? Not Quite Yet



When the NBA suspended the season 72 days ago, there was strong belief within the Warriors organization that their season was over. But recent reports suggest that it may not be time to clean lockers out just yet.

The NBA announced their intention to have guidelines set in place by June 1st for players to return to team activities. It will recall all players back and allow teams to engage in extensive workouts and practices.

The league is considering Las Vegas and Walt Disney World in Orlando as their two-site bubble destinations. Teams would complete the rest of the season and the playoffs, but would that also include the Warriors?

Steve Kerr admitted the team is in “off season mode”. Despite not knowing if the team will be asked to finish out the season.

The Warriors currently hold the worse record in the NBA and will receive a lottery pick in this year’s draft. It makes sense that Kerr wants to put this season on the back burner. But will the league allow it?

Tim Kawakami from the Athletic, hinted the Warriors could return to action for potentially 4-7 games.

The Warriors may need to finish out the regular season, but it appears that Stephen Curry’s has come to an end. It’s likely that Steve Kerr will use this as an opportunity to develop his young talent.

The Warriors desire not to return this season lies in the hands of NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Steve Kerr’s Fight With MJ Prepared Him For His First Head Coaching Role

If I had to guess, I would say that Steve Kerr was not expecting to get in a boxing match with Michael Jordan when he came to training camp entering the 1995-1996 season, but it sure did prepare him for what was to come later on in his career.

Kerr refused to let Michael Jordan push him around despite being a role player on a championship caliber team. Not only did he prove he had a backbone, but he challenged arguably the greatest player to ever put on an NBA uniform, and that showed some serious guts.

Kerr revealed in ESPN’s docuseries The Last Dance that he doesn’t regret his scuffle with Jordan.

” It was probably in a weird way the best thing I ever did was stand up for myself with him”

The scuffle earned Jordan’s respect and taught the league’s best player how to become a better leader. The Bulls went on to win 72 games, and an NBA championship that season and both men credit that altercation to their success that season. Steve Kerr’s decision to stand up for himself not only cemented his legacy in Chicago, but the argument can also be made that it helped cement his legacy in Golden State Warrior as well.

Steve Kerr’s fight with MJ prepared him for his first head coaching role

There was a moment early in Kerr’s career when he got into it with Draymond Green in the locker room at halftime against the Thunder in 2016. Green had a problem with Steve Kerr questioning his shot selection and that is what led to the shouting match between the two competitive men with fiery tempers.

On Showtime’s podcast All the Smoke Green recalls him and Kerr jawing back and forth to the point where some feared it would escalate to something physical.

“I was at a point where I’m like, ‘If (Kerr) say one more thing to me I’m about to f—— lose it on him…”

Both Green and Kerr eventually settled down and the Warriors were able to squeak away with a 121-118 win over the Thunder. The incident created mutual respect between Green and Kerr. Green did not see him as a push over any longer, and it ultimately led to success, much like it did with Jordan. The Warriors ended the season 73-9, breaking the Bulls record for most regular season wins, but went on to lose in the NBA Finals.

It is apparent that Steve Kerr is not going to back down from anyone. His competitive nature and unwillingness to shy away has played a tremendous role in his success as a player and a head coach.

Kerr won 4 straight NBA championships following his altercation with Jordan (3 in CHI/1 in SA), another championship in 2003 with San Antonio and 2 more in Golden State as a head coach after his altercation with Green, so he must be doing something right.

Steve Kerr’s fight with MJ prepared him for his first head coaching role.

Should the Warriors Draft James Wiseman Or Trade Back?

Last season you would have been considered a lunatic if you predicted that the Golden State Warriors would hold the NBA’s worst record in 2020. Absolutely nuts, but you would not have been wrong.

The Golden State Warriors will be guaranteed a top-5 pick in this year’s NBA draft assuming the NBA goes straight into the playoffs upon resuming league activities. They would have a 14% chance of obtaining the #1 overall pick in the NBA draft lottery and could utilize that to their advantage or stay put.

It was recently reported that the Warriors have former Memphis center James Wiseman atop of their draft board despite reports in early August that the Warriors were not “high” on the idea of picking Wiseman with the #1 overall selection.

At 7’1 Wiseman would give the Warriors true size at the center position, which is an element they lacked for the greater portion of the season. Wiseman is a freak athletically and can utilize that athleticism to his advantage on both ends of the floor. He has the tools to become one of the top paint protectors in the league. Not to mention that he would improve tremendously within the Warriors defensive scheme alongside defensive minded players like Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Marquese Chriss.

Wiseman attacks the paint with force and is almost unstoppable when he has a full head of steam. Having him run the floor in transition alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson would be a scary sight for opposing defenders. He can play with his back to the basket and has a decent fade jumper. He has the tools to take advantage of mismatches in the paint and would offer the Warriors another option in half court sets.

One knock against Wiseman entering the draft is he only completed 3 games at Memphis before he was deemed ineligible by the NCAA. With such a small sample size would picking Wiseman #1 overall be worth the risk? That is where the option of trading back comes to question.

The Warriors received a $17.2 million trade exemption for trading Andre Iguodala last summer and could flip their top-5 pick to utilize some or all that trade exemption.

For example, lets say the Warriors obtained the #1 pick in the NBA draft and that the 76ers are determined to trade up to draft Georgia guard Anthony Edwards. The 76ers could hypothetically make this offer to Golden State:

  • The 76ers get the 1st overall pick, the Warriors gets the 20th overall pick and Josh Richardson. Who would be obtained via the $17.2 million trade exemption. (And would still have $5.2 million to spend elsewhere)
  • The Warriors would get their replacement small forward and could use Andrew Wiggins contract to pursue Giannis Antetokounmpo in free agency in 2020.

The Warriors are unlikely to trade back in the draft after a 15-50 season, but I would not that possibility out if the Warriors do not covet any of the top 5 prospects.

The Warriors could opt to select Wiseman if they are awarded #1 overall pick, or they could trade back in the draft. What will they do? I guess we will just have to wait and see.